Specializing in new and remodel construction in the commercial, retail, theater, hospitality and restaurant markets.
  • Major Retail / Shops

    Shopping centers, Grocery Stores, Bookstores to Department Stores.

    Meeting the budget, design, and tenant operational needs from design to ribbon cutting. Quality built to last.

  • Cinemas / Theaters

    Creating premium quality entertainment venues for clients all over the Southwest.

    Sensitive to the design and construction details of auditory and visual venues, Magnum Enterprises bring the finest movie experience to life.

  • Tenant Improvements

    Customizing any space to meet the dynamic needs of a variety of  companies.

    Building offices, kitchens, restrooms, data centers, reception areas, and specialty spaces that provide the place for people to succeed.

  • Restaurant / Hospitality

    Great food and fun come hand in hand with great ambiance.

    High rises, hotel complexes, motel short stories, and dining establishments with detailed interior planning and exterior flow.


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